Astronomical Evidence of Falling Objects in Orbit Proves Einstein was Correct

Astronomical Evidence of Falling Objects in Orbit Proves Einstein was Correct. Scientists have known practically everything there is to know about how gravity works, so the last few years have seen them focus on more precise measurements. Last year, an experiment in orbit confirmed that, with a precision much beyond previous efforts, everything falls the same way under the influence of gravity.

The finding, the most stringent test of the equivalence principle yet, supports scientists’ suspicions that Einstein’s theory is correct about one billion, three hundred and sixty quadrillion times over.

Gravity is a force that affects all objects, regardless of their size, shape, or composition. This might seem obvious, but a slight deviation from this belief could explain why the theory of general relativity, which deals with the force of gravity, and the Standard Model of Particle Physics, which deals with the elementary building blocks of matter, don’t quite match up.

“The equivalence principle, one of the most important cornerstones of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, cannot in its present form take into account quantum effects,” says Sabine Hossenfelder, a physicist with the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies in Germany who was not involved in the study.

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When ESA scientists launched the Rosalind Franklin rover from Earth, was the precious cargo safely protected inside an aluminum box? How and when did they decide to shield the cylinders from radiation? Are the current rover conditions sufficient?

Some physicists suspect by the equivalence principle, which states that light won’t change speed as it moves near a massive object. But no one has figured out how to prove the speed of light really is constant.

The follow-up MICROSCOPE 2 mission is being planned for the 2030s, and scientists hope it will reveal any inconsistencies in the Equivalence Principle. However, even 100 times more accuracy from this mission will not likely reveal the breakdown of this principle. The principle of relativity says that what we perceive as the force of gravity is really the curvature of space-time. “Any object just follows the path in earth’s space time,” whether it is heavy or light, explains Will.

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