Web Design Elements Not To Use On Your Website

As a Web designer, you must consider important characteristics such as ease of use, a good design, and give your visitors a comfortable feeling. Here is the full Web Design Elements Not To Use On Your Website.

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product in the whole world. Suppose your website looks like it was put together by a monkey using a voodoo doll and broken crayons. In that case, you can kiss your business goodbye because visitors will be so unnerved by the poor design that they will navigate away from your site in a heartbeat, never to return.

Web Design Elements Not To Use On Your Website

A good website relies on many factors — including graphic design, accessibility design, interface or layout design, user experience design, and more. A proper web design, therefore, needs to combine all these elements to ensure a fulfilling user experience, and a website doesn’t achieve that if there is no professional graphic design.

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1) Background Music

Unless you are running a blog dedicated to music, I would advise avoiding putting looping background music on your site. Similarly, unless you have the content to back it up, try to avoid placing background music on every page of your siteā€”it can be very distracting for users.

Just imagine how much music you would have to play if your site had hundreds of pages. Every time visitors browse a new page, the background music starts again!

Furthermore, your visitors have a slow internet connection, especially on a dial-up connection. Not enjoyable for them at all. They’ll have to wait for ages to experience your site. You see, they don’t view sites like us every day.

The best time to start testing your Florence SEO strategy was yesterday; today’s second best time. If your site meets a few of the criteria points listed above, it might be time to plan to upgrade the strategy seriously.

2) Popup Windows

Popup windows can be so annoying. They pop up on your screen, and you instinctively want to kill them. 90% of the time, they are used to advertising something.

Imagine if your website had an important message, and you put it inside a popup window. Most of the time, the popup closes, and the website loses all functionality.

As I draw to a close, let me reiterate that it is your responsibility as a webmaster to ensure that your website properly accomplishes its intended goals. Don’t let a few tiny errors prevent your website from operating at its best!

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