Why making money is preferable to receiving wages

Here is Why making money is preferable to receiving wages. Have any of your friends or family members ever amassed wealth while doing a regular job? Now there’s a possibility you’re picturing a salesperson who earns six figures annually. Sales are a slightly different beast, and I’ll explain why shortly.

While wages might cover most of your bills, there is one disadvantage. They are constantly a set sum. Even worse, while your pay stays the same, the deductions from your check keep going up.

Additionally, if you ever receive a raise, you can move into a higher tax rate and end up with lower take-home pay. Many people have experienced it, and it isn’t humorous.

Why making money is preferable to receiving wages

Contrarily, profits provide more than a salary could ever aspire to. It’s easy to understand why. The amount of profit you may earn is unlimited.

Because of this, you can only make a living off of salaries; nevertheless, profits can make you rich. Because fixed pay does not constrain them, workers in commissioned sales roles are unique. The amount of money they can earn is unlimited.

There are several ways you may make money for yourself. Anything you want to start doing part-time is OK. Training, consulting, or tutoring is some examples.

In the summer, you may run a landscaping firm, and in the winter, you might shovel snow. You may get money with hobbies like cooking, writing, computing, and art. Whatever it is, as long as you love doing it, it doesn’t matter.

How difficult is it to turn a profit? You’d be surprised at how simple it is. Wouldn’t you like to discover, for instance:

* How can a 13-year-old with her own business make more than $60,000 annually?

* How can a 15- and 18-year-old generate 10,000 hits each day from their website selling chocolate?

* How did an 8-year-old start a furniture company and earned enough sales money to amass a sizeable stock portfolio and a modest herd of cattle?

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Although it appears unbelievable, you can verify that these are actual youngsters who have real businesses and earn real money.

Now consider it. You are of legal age. You are far more intelligent than these youngsters. Nevertheless, even though they all attend school daily, they all probably earn more money than you.

The only distinction is that you are getting paid while they are making a profit.

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